The book has a lot of history behind it. Previously owned by two very smart students (one of them being a blogger) everypage has little bits of extra info and caricature. I remember spending an entire day just reading through the book and laughing at the memories left behind.


May Democracy win.

For those who are regular with the news, they would know about the on-going protests in Ukraine demanding closer integration with Europe and resignation of the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. These protests have in fact turned violent with about 9 people dying, thousands injured and many detained or sentenced.
Being a political sciences student and having witness the Egyptian revolution, Libyan revolution and closer to home the protest demanding justice for nirbhaya, the December 17th rape victim, I have the feeling that all is not wrong in the world. People are ready to stand up for all that is right and oppose all that is wrong.
Ukraine, Syria and any other country in the world my good wises are with you. May democracy win.
Note. The views expressed are of my own. Images have been taken from the internet.