On weddings.

So my mother, (sorta like Kris Jenner but way way smarter) made this statement yesterday while we were at a wedding that in a wedding or a funeral you mustn’t hold a personal grudge against anyone (including the dude who spilt dal makhni on your dress).

I’ve always been a fan of weddings, Good food, you get to wear Indian stuff you barely get to wear anywhere else, hot guys (may the odds ever be in your favor), pretty decorations and stuff, and most importantly (for me at least) the emotions, the relations and the feelings.

In the movie 27 dresses there is this certain thing on how the lead female always likes to look at the poor groom while the pretty bride make her entry. I being me decided to try it out, and when the bride made her entry while doing the walk of red lehengas and phoolon ka chadhar to that song which has been stuck in my head for the past 20 minutes the dudes face glowed like a million light bulbs (or maybe it was just the lightning) and that even though there were 300 people out there 3% of them beside him and his neck must have been hurting cause he had been wearing this money garland. Like if it were me in his shoes (which were soon to e stolen) I’d roll up my sleeves, call it a day and start watching Kanan Gill. FUN!!

Apart from the bride and groom (OBVIOUSLY!) a wedding has many other factors, most importantly clothes, or basically overly embezzled pieces of taffeta and net! And let me assure you, going underdressed for a wedding (I’m talking less sequins on your skirt) is worse than getting less marks than bobby ka beta, or having a less expensive car than your neighbor, or being dark skinned. (in my country darkness is a dark dark sin, and I’m guilty). Basically, you go to a wedding to dress up. Not dress up for a wedding, and once you’ve dolled up you compare. Compare yourself with other people. Compare your cut colour and shape, compare your length (or lack therefore) and compare how many sequins are there in one square centimeter of fabric.

One of my most favorite aspects was that families were together. There was this little photo session going on with kids and their nana-nani’s , dada-dadi’s and the millions of relatives from around the world. And it was cute. It made me miss my family. It make me take a selfie with my mother. It doused me in love.

And that the general feel in the air was of love, of relationships and of family and of good food.

I like weddings. You can invite me for yours.


Day 1 Unlock the Mind (writing 101 post)

Day 1 Unlock the Mind (writing 101 post)

So.. I registered myself for the writing 101 challenge with the hope of becoming a better writer. Today’s prompt was

To get started, let’s loosen up. Let’s unlock the mind. Today, take twenty minutes to free write. And don’t think about what you’ll write. Just write.

Keep typing (or scribbling, if you prefer to handwrite for this exercise) until your twenty minutes are up. It doesn’t matter if what you write is incomplete, or nonsense, or not worthy of the “Publish” button.

And for your first twist? Publish this stream-of-consciousness post on your blog.

So I timed myself with my phone, and here goes…


Exams… why can’t we just blast this thing of the planet and dance around while smithereens slowly fall back to Earth. Why is it that two of the most important exams in our life have to coincide with the two most rebellious years of our lifes, really cbse if you thought the boards would help us in our “formative” teenage years you’ve been mistaken. Way way way mistaken.

(18 minutes to go –wait that’s it)

And then chocolate ads… you have –pretty little women biting into it thus tempting me into biting into a bar and the end result, a nice pimple marked face with some flab thrown into the mix and the chick in the ad was so effing pretty.

Book writers and movie makers… why you take so much time releasing a sequel to a good book? Do you know my heart slowly breaks while I wait?

Online shopping sites, where am I gonna wear a LBD with yellow heels anda pink purse in the near future, why you tempting me with it for the all low price of 3099 really, I’ll just sit in the pile of past t-shirts. I’m fine thank you.

(Just 7 minutes down, excellent)

Mosquitoes, oh I could write poetry about you and your beauty. That shitty noise you make just makes me want to hunt down a atom bomb and blast you, exams and reposts from 9gag of the surface of the Earth.

Youtubers.. Why is it that when I’m free not a single new video is posted and when I have a commitment to fulfill you have a ton of videos to be watched? Why…

The Oscars… why you no Leo Dicaprio a Oscar? You want titanic? I’ll give you titanic give Leo a Oscar.


(Nine minutes twenty seconds to go.. oh wait this post requires pictures)

(Photos done now move this post to wordpress, but first a spell check)

(spell check done… moving post to wordpress, 5 minutes to go)

For more information do go check out


i had fun writing this!

forever confused,




Just a little life update. (or so it’s called)

Just a little life update. (or so it’s called)

So… I’m one of the most moody of writers, when I am in the mood I’ll write, a lot and sometimes over do it and when I am not I’ll just get over it. Anyways, I am in this weird should I write should I not write mood of mine so I decided to just talk. Talk with a doughnut and a bottle of coke, and that’s my leg you see there, to make it more realistic.

I ate the doughnut up.
The bribe for reading this post.

So in a week I write my half yearly exams and believe me I am not lying when I say I haven’t studied anything. Luckily the school has given us a week off so I am planning to shove in a lot.

(my writer brain always function beautifully during exam time, no clue why)

And I became a prefect in my school! For someone who has a clear disregard for rules this is extremely suprising. But hey! No complains.

It ran away.
Wow look responsibility.

And what is high school without a little drama (I’m that nerd with the history textbook if you wanted to know) there is drama, loads of drama happening with me maybe I’ll write about it let’s see. (Update- I wrote about it here http://goo.gl/DsZZAr)

And I know this is very vague and clearly serious rambling but hey! Atleast I got myself to sit down and write. Yay me!!

Ooh Ooh and I want/need prompts. Help.

Forever confused,


Ps. With today being the 13th anniversary of 9/11, I would like to pay respect to those killed. Those killed in the attacks and also those killed in the fight against terrorism that our world is fighting today. Hopefully the world will one day be a peaceful land.

and i felt this was a perfect tribute.
and i felt this was a perfect tribute.

ImagineI sadly don’t own the above two images. However, I hope we one day live life for today.

Can maggi be really made in two minutes?

Welcome to what would be the STUPIDEST post in the ramblings of a confused teenager. Out of all the questions i have had in life there are some which have tried to find the answer of and ended up confused. One of them being can maggi be made in 2 minutes.

so well yesterday for the betterment of all humanity i tried to answer this question (not realy i just wanted to eat maggi) and put the water to boil added the maggi stired, stired a little bit more waiting for anything between (10-20) minutes and there i had the “do minute mein khushiyan dish” maggi. Was that 2 minutes? nah. however i may have just got my process wrong and ended up with the final product after anything between 8-18 mins. Maybe Rajnikanth can make maggi in two minutes? and also maybe chuck norris? but then maggi’s brand ambassador is  amitabh bachan!

maybe he can make maggi in two minutes?

also maybe i got the entire procedure wrong,  and i will of course for the betterment of society repeat the experiment again. who knows?

have ypu ever made magg in two minutes?