A pessimistic view on love.

Since the closest we’re getting to love is

Romantic novels and movies.

Set in an utopian world of hairspray and botox.

Characters pledged to fall in love,

No matter how far they are.

Endings sealed with a happily ever after,

And kisses perfected from multiple camera angles.

Oh where is the presence of broken hearts and crushed crushes.

Broken homes and divorced marriages.

Lets hope the reels keep on turning,

The pages keep flipping.

For let the romance never end,

Since that’s all we’re getting.



Something I wrote, while in the quest to find words to describe my feelings. While, although not every word is truly auto biographical, I resonate with certain feelings and emotions typed out.

They weren’t the simplest of lovers,

very weird, very out of the world,

their love wasn’t legit,

they conversed through only words,

words, printed onto paper,

hard or paper bound,

or electronically embedded,

into fanfiction.com,

her love wasn’t cheap,

who knew a necklace would cost so much,

and every time she held him up,

she was worried and hurt,

worried. for the doubt of his survival,

hurt, for the comrades he had lost,

It was weird, a 100%,

they were the titanic of ships,

built to survive, culled in its first ride,

like rose and jack they were to be it’s one true pair,

she was a fangirl,

and sometimes she wished,

to bring words to life,

for being a fangirl was,

the only thing,

that kept her away,

from staring at the ceiling fan,

and typing the full stop on her chapter of life.

Wounded Warrior. (Exam series)

Wounded  Warrior. (Exam series)

Because I’ve been showing more interest in writing poetry than theories of psychology and what not I have decided to make this a series, What will I use the random snapchats of my books for otherwise?

blog #2

I’m a bruised up warrior,

This battle has hit me hard.

From all directions,

And I’m just ripped apart.

But I face you,

Another day.

With my headache,

And my tortured brain.

Fight against you with my green tea,

And my highlighters aplenty.

While you try to attack me,

With definitions and theories.

This isn’t just a exam,

This is world war three.

Between you and me books,

Consider me hooked.


I’m a dreamer, As obsessive as one can be.

dream about Mountains, dream about valleys, dream about the far seas

Dream about the blessed salt drenched smell of the beach, The fresh mountain air

the experiences that could be.

Dream about people, tall and short

dream about trees.

dream about the gravel being crunched under my feet

dream about what i could see.

dream about the things i could eat,

savour themin my mouth

let out a loud sigh and thank the food god

dream about the day when my passport runs out pages

and when my bucket list becomes empty

dream about the day i couldspeak a handful of languages

and deal with various currencies

dream about the experiences i’m missing

and the post cards to collect

dream about the various suitcases

waiting to be fed

dream about the life, that is meant to be

Does the kindle really kindle my reading skills.

A lot has been said about the latest e-book readers. Small and neat it holds a lot of books and also has features whih a normal book does not have. Old world book patrons have put their hands up in the air and said “nothing can ever replace a proper book” I for one, was a part of that group, buying and borrowing books every other day. Until I was given a kindle for my birthday. The parents went all “now you can buy and read books on these, see, now we won’t have three trunks full of your books only. I was kinda apprehensive but decided to give it a try. I was amazed at how fast I could buy a book and how cheap some of them were (classics are mostly free) and while I read I did not notice any difference, it was just me and various combinationd of 26 letters, 10 numbers and a variety of grammatical symbols.  I was amazed at how one could very simply highlight a sentance or word, research on google and wikipedia, share it with my friends, translate into a variety of languages and do loads and loads more on one device. Something which really caught my fancy was that the kindle will read the book out to you and that I can send pdf’s, text and word documents and images from my computer through my kindle id or through the usb cable.

Apart from the above the kindle has two experimental ideas which a user can use that of surfing the net and listening to music. For a harry potter fan I found it incredibly easy to read fanfictions from my kindle.

The one place where the kindle may missout is the speed. Things happens slowly and sometimes simple things like googling a document make the system crash.

To sum up, though I still enjoy the feel of a real book the kindle has made life easier for me. I have been able to treat myself to books of various genres on vacations and while out something I wound not been able to do with actual books.

I am not sure if my modep the kondle touch is still sold. But then a kindle is a kindle and I highly recommend it.

Forever confused,

Of Romione and Hinny

Was it a happily ever after?
Was it a happily ever after?

Since time immemorial, stories have had one theme,the hero marries the heroine and lives happily ever after with everyone rejoicing true love. But now this trend has changed wuth the heroine getting the second or even third lead and vice versa. Hunger games, Harry Potter are great examples of this… and society especially the shipers livd happily ever after giving their own views in fanfictions, some of which i revere more than evrn the actual book.

But, what happens when te author, years after the book has been published,makes an Earth shattering statement which makes the readers reopen the book and go, “what if that had actuallhappened. What if tese two never had their happily ever after?

Till now, you may ave guessed Harry Potter and Ms. Rowlings earth shakimg statement that Ron and hermione were never meant to be and that it were to be harry and hermione, only that the readers wanted it.

I have been an avid shipper of Ron and Hermione, James and Lily (the older ones), Harry and Ginny, Dumbledore and Minerva Mcgonagal, Dumbledore and Slughorn, Younger Lily and Scorpius, Draco and Apple, Bellatrix and Voldermort to name a few. Some of them sadly did not com true but the others bow i wonder were they alwas right.

J.k. Why di you do this? Why do make us change our mind 360 degrees. I haven’t and may never be able to wound Harmione, for me it’s forever Hinny and Harmione, and they lived happily ever after.

Forever Confused.