Who is the confused teenager?


Born in one and lived in 3 other states of india i am a teenage girl who currently calls the national capital of delhi my home. I am of the view the experiences make, or actually shape a person and i owe my views,feelings and attitude to the experiences life throws at me.

People share their feelings through song, music, art, dance and other various different ways. I share mine through writing.

my blog is an extension of me. it is as random, yet subtle as me. you will find almost everything under the clouds expressed by me and if not, then it is coming soon.

As a 11th grader and soon to be college student I am in this wave of nostalgia. Something that is quite being reflected in my posts.

I do love travelling, hoping to travel to every country in the world. I have a sad thing for international relations hoping to do something in that field.

so welcome to this journey, i hope you stay.



4 thoughts on “Who is the confused teenager?

  1. Sitara,
    I’m another teenage blogger, and I adore your blog so. I was hoping you would have the time to read mine. It must be because we’re quite similar, long distance apart. It would be lovely if we could correspond via email.

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