Something I wrote, while in the quest to find words to describe my feelings. While, although not every word is truly auto biographical, I resonate with certain feelings and emotions typed out.

They weren’t the simplest of lovers,

very weird, very out of the world,

their love wasn’t legit,

they conversed through only words,

words, printed onto paper,

hard or paper bound,

or electronically embedded,


her love wasn’t cheap,

who knew a necklace would cost so much,

and every time she held him up,

she was worried and hurt,

worried. for the doubt of his survival,

hurt, for the comrades he had lost,

It was weird, a 100%,

they were the titanic of ships,

built to survive, culled in its first ride,

like rose and jack they were to be it’s one true pair,

she was a fangirl,

and sometimes she wished,

to bring words to life,

for being a fangirl was,

the only thing,

that kept her away,

from staring at the ceiling fan,

and typing the full stop on her chapter of life.


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