Every time my phone chimed

I could swear my heart echoed it

How could emoji’s

Express what mere words wouldn’t



What’s with this four-lettered word

That makes the world go round

People weak in their needs

Bank balances fed to rose leaves

High expectations and low esteem

Happy people and sad hearts

Hearts drawn by pen on paper

Cream on lattes

Fingers on dust-covered glass

What’s ironic is, that isn’t a human heart at all

Is happily ever after measured by Ferraris, song references and PDA

By Facebook status’ and social standards

By what the law states

Or religion preaches

Or By what is the general norm

On Tumblr web pages

Are we romanticizing romance

Affecting affection

Terrorizing tenderness

Culling comfort

Screwing everything that’s good.

To make it work?

A pessimistic view on love.

Since the closest we’re getting to love is

Romantic novels and movies.

Set in an utopian world of hairspray and botox.

Characters pledged to fall in love,

No matter how far they are.

Endings sealed with a happily ever after,

And kisses perfected from multiple camera angles.

Oh where is the presence of broken hearts and crushed crushes.

Broken homes and divorced marriages.

Lets hope the reels keep on turning,

The pages keep flipping.

For let the romance never end,

Since that’s all we’re getting.

Why I’m highly demotivated and done with this shit.

I have my half yearly examinations in a week. and I’d rather do anything but open my books and study. All I’ve done all my life is study and you’re still telling me I’m not done with it. It’s stupid. Spend the first 20 years of your life learning, then use that learning to work and if that isn’t enough retire and become yesterday’s newspaper.

I really don’t get where this comes from. Why does society demand education as a minimum requirement for being classified as a member. Why do we study, study stuff written by others, rote learn what they think, and erode who we really are. Why do we fall into this rut. This rut of great grades, and college admissions, examinations and practicals. Just trying to show off the fact that yes, I know the highly complicated definition of something that isn’t really going to take me far in life.

I’m not dissing education. For sure I’m not. I’m just dissing what we call education. We learn history that is written by the victors, Politics that the government wants us to believe and preach, English, where interpretations of only the test checker is valid and somewhere down the line understand that if we want to get into a good college, all we need to do is suck up and rote learn.

and that is where innovation dies, creativity dies, ideas die.

People die.


A question I’ve been having since the inception of love.

how can relationships end.

to never begin again.

even in the most tiniest of ways.

from a friendship to a gaze.

how can love stop.

to turn into nothing at all.

finite. by a few.

actions, deeds, or words.

are relationships merely contracts.

clauses of undescribed pda.

love and tender affection.

to end with the demise of commitment.

what happened to the emotions.

to the hand holding.

do you mean to say that it was nothing at all.

just a ruse?

how can two people.

who have been together.

under the bond of what they call love.

cease the existence of the other.

for the bond the brokered.