I may not be of the long legs,

And the pretty hair.

But I have a nice heart,

And a good head.

I may not be hopelessly talented,

And effortlessly pretty.

But I have my way with a pen,

And that’s kinda difficult maybe.

But why can’t I do what I want,

And love who I may?

Why can’t I effortlessly be,

The girl I wish I could be, one day.

Society should be free,

Or so Martin Luther King Jr. and Nelson Mandela preached.

And yet the social constraints exist,

Binding each one of us all.

How do we break free, the question is

How do we break free at all?

Are we born into what we will be?

Into societies hierarchy?

The popular, the not so popular,

And the ones that fit nowhere.

Picture perfect loves,

Picture perfect days.

Picture perfect moments,

Are they only for a few, this day.

And I may not be perfect, perfect in your eyes,

But I have a heart.

And I one that deserves maybe a little,

What it gives.

Hopeless love, no discrimination,

And what I get back these days.

Just a wall flower, all withered and dried,

Or so in your eyes, in dismay.

(The image is sadly not mine *cries*)


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