So… I’m one of the most moody of writers, when I am in the mood I’ll write, a lot and sometimes over do it and when I am not I’ll just get over it. Anyways, I am in this weird should I write should I not write mood of mine so I decided to just talk. Talk with a doughnut and a bottle of coke, and that’s my leg you see there, to make it more realistic.

I ate the doughnut up.
The bribe for reading this post.

So in a week I write my half yearly exams and believe me I am not lying when I say I haven’t studied anything. Luckily the school has given us a week off so I am planning to shove in a lot.

(my writer brain always function beautifully during exam time, no clue why)

And I became a prefect in my school! For someone who has a clear disregard for rules this is extremely suprising. But hey! No complains.

It ran away.
Wow look responsibility.

And what is high school without a little drama (I’m that nerd with the history textbook if you wanted to know) there is drama, loads of drama happening with me maybe I’ll write about it let’s see. (Update- I wrote about it here

And I know this is very vague and clearly serious rambling but hey! Atleast I got myself to sit down and write. Yay me!!

Ooh Ooh and I want/need prompts. Help.

Forever confused,


Ps. With today being the 13th anniversary of 9/11, I would like to pay respect to those killed. Those killed in the attacks and also those killed in the fight against terrorism that our world is fighting today. Hopefully the world will one day be a peaceful land.

and i felt this was a perfect tribute.
and i felt this was a perfect tribute.

ImagineI sadly don’t own the above two images. However, I hope we one day live life for today.


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