The kinds of people you meet in a pool.

1. The “I do breadths in the lengths section”
Im every pool there is always this one person who decides that swimming lengths is too mainstream and that he/she will swim breadths. Let people stop midway caise I am the boss!

2. The “I am gonna float in the MIDDLE of the pool let people swim around me”
That lovely guy who decides to act dead and float in the middle of the pool cause he likes to be in the centre of attention.  And if one hits him in the process of swimming you are met with a snarl and a stern warning that next time you do that you will be kicked out! Swimming pools are for swimming floating.

3. The kids.
These are the people who give another use to the pool and make it their water pit. You will mostly find them floating underwater kicking you while doing laps and diving in the pool and using you arm as aid to come up for air.

4. The gossip girls
Mostly found in the edgea they will be dicscussing their swimsuits, tans and how they can’t swim! Who cares if they are in the 10 foot side, the sides of the pool are their territory.

5. The “I have to teach my kid to swim so I’ll make him wear floaties and put him bang in the middle of the 10 foot side! He is wearing floaties so he can waddle in the middle and grin from left to right as an apology”.
I think the title describes this kind perfectly. Also the kids enjoy playing the game of “grab his arm! Grab his leg! We have floaties! We don’t care!”

So that’s my list of people I meet in the pool! You definitely have some too! Share in the comments! I wanna see!

Forever confused,