Does the kindle really kindle my reading skills.

A lot has been said about the latest e-book readers. Small and neat it holds a lot of books and also has features whih a normal book does not have. Old world book patrons have put their hands up in the air and said “nothing can ever replace a proper book” I for one, was a part of that group, buying and borrowing books every other day. Until I was given a kindle for my birthday. The parents went all “now you can buy and read books on these, see, now we won’t have three trunks full of your books only. I was kinda apprehensive but decided to give it a try. I was amazed at how fast I could buy a book and how cheap some of them were (classics are mostly free) and while I read I did not notice any difference, it was just me and various combinationd of 26 letters, 10 numbers and a variety of grammatical symbols.  I was amazed at how one could very simply highlight a sentance or word, research on google and wikipedia, share it with my friends, translate into a variety of languages and do loads and loads more on one device. Something which really caught my fancy was that the kindle will read the book out to you and that I can send pdf’s, text and word documents and images from my computer through my kindle id or through the usb cable.

Apart from the above the kindle has two experimental ideas which a user can use that of surfing the net and listening to music. For a harry potter fan I found it incredibly easy to read fanfictions from my kindle.

The one place where the kindle may missout is the speed. Things happens slowly and sometimes simple things like googling a document make the system crash.

To sum up, though I still enjoy the feel of a real book the kindle has made life easier for me. I have been able to treat myself to books of various genres on vacations and while out something I wound not been able to do with actual books.

I am not sure if my modep the kondle touch is still sold. But then a kindle is a kindle and I highly recommend it.

Forever confused,


2 thoughts on “Does the kindle really kindle my reading skills.

  1. I too was apprehensive about getting a kindle at first. I love my books and I didn’t want technology to overtake them. While I still love books and cannot pass a used bookstore without buying something, I love my kindle! I really love that I’m able to borrow e-books from my library. It’s really made it so much easier for me to get the books I want to read faster and for no cost.

    1. Hahaha same here. The three trunks are now four. Sadly In India the kindle is quite new (mine came from abroad) and there aren’t librabries with e-books so I either have to buy them or pirate them.

      Thanks for reading!!

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