Some will be missed.

The balcony

In life, there comes many moments when you have to say goodbye. It could be to family, former flames, pets, friends or even materialistic things which hold a place in a great chunk of your heart.

A pisecean is known to hoard things, things important and absurd. Tiny pencils, broken picture frames, ticket stubs even friends. I for one have hoarded everything, physically and mentally, in my drawers, in my memory card or in my brain. But sadly, one aspect of the defence life is, you always move. What happens to the walls the saw you grow?, to the trees that watched you flower?, to the floor you once walked on. It stays, remains the same, and all that is left are memories.

Baby pigeons, those red flowers, the view of almost everything Delhi has to offer. That one balcony had it all. Precious moments in life, which will never come again, spent in it. But what happens when you have to say adieu?

Goodbye balcony, goodbye trees, goodbye pigeons, I’m off to write new memories. But, you will be missed.


2 thoughts on “Some will be missed.

  1. This post of yours wasn’t very long but definitely has to be your best. I’ll miss you very much Sitara. Your physical presence here will be missed very much. Or not. Hehehe ok no seriously keep writing like this you’re doing very well.

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