So, February is over and March is here! Though this post is coming in a little late i wanted to do this post. I am reminded of this comic I read as a kid in my favorite comic book of all times, Tinkle, about this dog called March.Setting that aside, this is why March makes my heart march. (Sorry i has to do say that)

1. The weather.
Perfectly warm. Soothingly pleasant.

2. Holidays.
Summer vacations begin now! Okay, on the 20th.

3. Communicational freedom.
The long, complicated word for… *drum roll* me getting a mobile phone! Yay! Now I no more need to bank on the lovely landline.

March I may,
but what do I say,
every coin has a flip side,
I should get ready for this rough ride.
Belt Up!

1. Exams.
If you did read my last post, you would know. 50 chapters in total. I’m more clueless than ever.

2. Shifting house.
Reading my blog title, I would seem like a nomad, with no connection to the place where I am at. But then, I am human, with friends. To move to a place where i know almost no one, it’s heartbreaking.

And, as of now. Thats all that March holds for me.

What are your views on March?? Tell me!

Forever confused,


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