Exam Fever.

Ah! The official Party pooper in anyones life, exams, are here. often known as test or even paper apart from other disguised names, exams can cause a person to radically change his lifestyle for the better (actually worse).

everyone has to give an exam, from a baby who howls the second he is born, to his first medical test which includes height, weight, colour of poop and all that imperative information to school tests which include questions like ramu and shamu have seven apples when will the train hit ramu and find the radius of ramu’s blood which has splattered after ramu got hit by the train. believe me that is easy, to job questions, are you ready travel eight days a week and also sign this sheet giving us control of your life, which slowly ends with a death test which includes questions like why he died, when he died?, and did he drink apple juice before he died?. Jeez the guys dead. Et him rest in peace. Also between these milestone life tests we have driving tests, blood tests and the occasional forgot password test to name a few.

Now you may wonder, why is she talking about tests?

well from 10th to the 20th of march i will what people call the person who gives the test. how will it affect this blog? i wont be able to post much and even if i do it will be painfully short and sad or pre-written. s interaction will be to the minimum. but do remember i love my readers and i promise to jump back in action once im done.

do you like tests?

Forever Confused.


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