The Silver Lining.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, that is something we all know. But, the question is, Where is the silver lining? Is it obvious, all shining and bright or hidden, under dirt and grime. Is this silver real, or is it fake .And, am i tall enough to catch thia cloud to get the silver lining. You may be wonderingnow is sitara a siver linings expert? nope. in life to get something you have to lose somethingm good thing in life are eiter in front of your face or hidden and you are either clueless or too stupid to realise it. friendships especially the fake ones, are like the fake silver in these linings they make you happy, get you excited, and when you finally see it you break your heart. I have had my share of friendships, some good, soe bad, and som which have left my heart scarred.
but then i have learnt.

my reason for writing this is find the silver lining, the real one. Everyone has one, it’s just hidden somewhere. even if your day does go wrong, there is always something which will go right. And that right shoud make your day. Be Optimistic.

The confused teenager.



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