Can maggi be really made in two minutes?

Welcome to what would be the STUPIDEST post in the ramblings of a confused teenager. Out of all the questions i have had in life there are some which have tried to find the answer of and ended up confused. One of them being can maggi be made in 2 minutes.

so well yesterday for the betterment of all humanity i tried to answer this question (not realy i just wanted to eat maggi) and put the water to boil added the maggi stired, stired a little bit more waiting for anything between (10-20) minutes and there i had the “do minute mein khushiyan dish” maggi. Was that 2 minutes? nah. however i may have just got my process wrong and ended up with the final product after anything between 8-18 mins. Maybe Rajnikanth can make maggi in two minutes? and also maybe chuck norris? but then maggi’s brand ambassador is  amitabh bachan!

maybe he can make maggi in two minutes?

also maybe i got the entire procedure wrong,  and i will of course for the betterment of society repeat the experiment again. who knows?

have ypu ever made magg in two minutes?


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