Of Romione and Hinny

Was it a happily ever after?
Was it a happily ever after?

Since time immemorial, stories have had one theme,the hero marries the heroine and lives happily ever after with everyone rejoicing true love. But now this trend has changed wuth the heroine getting the second or even third lead and vice versa. Hunger games, Harry Potter are great examples of this… and society especially the shipers livd happily ever after giving their own views in fanfictions, some of which i revere more than evrn the actual book.

But, what happens when te author, years after the book has been published,makes an Earth shattering statement which makes the readers reopen the book and go, “what if that had actuallhappened. What if tese two never had their happily ever after?

Till now, you may ave guessed Harry Potter and Ms. Rowlings earth shakimg statement that Ron and hermione were never meant to be and that it were to be harry and hermione, only that the readers wanted it.

I have been an avid shipper of Ron and Hermione, James and Lily (the older ones), Harry and Ginny, Dumbledore and Minerva Mcgonagal, Dumbledore and Slughorn, Younger Lily and Scorpius, Draco and Apple, Bellatrix and Voldermort to name a few. Some of them sadly did not com true but the others bow i wonder were they alwas right.

J.k. Why di you do this? Why do make us change our mind 360 degrees. I haven’t and may never be able to wound Harmione, for me it’s forever Hinny and Harmione, and they lived happily ever after.

Forever Confused.


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