Of love, and other fluff.

Reading my words, you may feel I am anti valentine down to it’s very essence, that i hate the day to the core, repulsed by the very sight of love, that I am one of those teenagers who hate love.

The fact is, I am not.

Love is something i do love. I have loved and been loved. Maybe not in the way society considers it, but in the way it has always been. I have loved my friends and family, kinda loved my books and music, loved… well loved life. And i have been loved, equally if not more in everyone trying time point of my life there ALWAYS has been someone to bail me out.

But, what love is normal? Just because i do not show my love to people it does not mean i do not love them. Love them i do, and i love them in my own little special way.

Has valentines day be spoilt? spoilt by the notion of money. Does love really show in teddybears, chocolate and what not. Does PDA really mean you love a person?

I am confused.

True love for me is that of my mum and dad. They are celebrating vday in two different states. and yet their love is obvious, so obvious that it makes me wanna puke. Their love is hilarious, and is not dictated by social customs. Their love is AWESOME!

Forever confused,


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