The reasons why aliens won’t visit us. Number 1- Crappy valentine day ads

Ah they are at it again, the chocolate, card, his-and-her crap monsters (read advertisers) why does the world have to put a red fluffy heart pillow,add couple of roses, yummy chocoate, and cards whoch were once poud standing trees giving us air and water and all those lovely imperative things and call it love and go all this feb 14 gie your loved one a card/ring/disco ball/teddy bear etc. whatever lets us make more money to show that you care ooh and also designate days before and after v day so that you can empty your pocket into our wallet even more, well you do have a “date” on Valentine’s. no one needs to even remember st. valentine, some dude who bought together people who wwre truly in love in troubled times. nah he aint cool!!

you know aliens, i think they are really nice and friendly dudes who love a good book and a cupboard full of good clothes also thy have the sollution to most of our problems. They want to drop in, they REALLY DO!! but, they are scared. Scared of this monstrosity we call life.

so welcome to my new series where aliens will be telling me to tell you why they don’t wanna visit earth.

i hope you like it.

aliens,come soon.


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