The deer park.

as i got up this morning,there were two very predominant thoughts in my mind. One, of my sst map exam ad the other of the school excursion n to the deer park.

And as i now sit, (or lie perhaps)i wonder, how could the things turned out so different. The day was like pani puri sweet and spicy at he same time.

I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with amazing friends, some close and some, not so close. Some friends who make me laugh like a donkey brays (true story) and spme who make me cry so much that in five minutes i would forever vanquish the water issue of new delhi. Some friends who can make that frown turn into a smile within seconds and some… well turn the frown into this big toothed grin that reminds me of that guy from the happy dent ad. There are some friends of mine who feed me, they know what i like, what i dislike and what i absolutely loathe, they know i am the one person who could be easily influrenced by a pack of reos. they sit in the sun even though they do have sun allergy, nowing that i am hungry dump an entire handful of those triangular shaped chips on my blazer so i can hog. some who buy me a rubik cube, and teach me how to solve it. some who help m in chemistry when i dont know the answer, some who console me and tell me no ones every worth crying upon. some who handle my craziness, my stupidness, my drunkenness (fake of course), my sugar rush ness all of it. these guys have an ear to listen and fist to punch ready.

So all those lovely dumwits i have mentioned here i love you. Youbguys are my gryffindor to my harry.

And roweena and kala, how can i thank you two enough. and also my geisha-pussy hybrid ashish. you guys are my golden quadrant . i lub yoy so muchh!!!!!

coming back to the story and to the deer park. be forewarned, thw only deer i saw there was this security dude who kept running around.


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