Woah! A month’s gone by quickly, 2014 you’re gonna set a new speed record. Anyways i felt this warranted a list. A list showing my likes and dislikes for this fantastic month. lets just start with the why i like cause,

1. My birthdays in this month! Im turning sixteen! I get gifts!I turn Older! (something i am gonna regret later i know) yes!!!

2. Spring is here! Flowers! Also i can wear a skirt an not freeze like a popsicle.

3. A movie a desparately want to watch Highway, is releasing.

4. The months short. So yes. No clue,whats the advantage.

5. its warm but not too warm.just perfect

and i dont like february because

1. all those lovey dovey ads that start appeaing on tv because of valentines day. geez, dont rub in the fact that i am getting none of it.

2. couples in love
geez get a room. dont rub it in on us single souls.

3. Moral police.
the very prominentvalentines party poopers.
last year i heard they were marrying of lovey dovey couples to… wait for it… donkeys. no clue, #justindianthings

4. exams start next month.

5. also this is supposed to be the month were you can get sick really easily because of te receding winter or something.


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