Why i don’t like winters.

I love winters I really do except i hate it too i do know you can never be happy in life and the gtass is always greener on the other side and all that jazz but winters, if you do improve on these following points I’ll make you my most favorite season.

1. Why do you have to be so bipolar? You go all sunny one day and then foggy the other. Make up your mind bro. Its kinda difficult to figure out how many t-shirts to layer with it. The day I go all Eskimo you are bright and sunny and the day i go lighter you go all cold? is there any specific grudge you have against me?

2. Why do you have to get all foggy, like dementors have entered the place? I mean a potterhead is allowed to say it is foggy today because dementors have invaded delhi and they are behind me so thats why it is foggy and not be the subjects of looks like is she mad? is she high? is she… well you do get the gist.

3. Refer to point 1.
Why do you have to make people look so bulky like under seven different layers of clothing which include a monkey cap and a muffler? Also why do yoy have to force people to sleep under blankets which are so heavy that they could possibly sufforcate you to death.

4. Why do you have to make my hands and legs look like shed snake skin no matter how much cocoa body butter i thoko on you. also why do have to mae my nose look like it is the dryest place on earth when it is infact so oily it can fuel my mums car everyday.

5. Why do you have to make having a bath a pain? And ake that long walk from the shower to the bedroom feel like i am strolling around in antartica? There is only so much a human can take.

6. why do you have to make walking on the streets feel like the aforementioned stroll in Antartica? courtesy the cars whizzing past you?

7. why do you have make eating a pain and also make human beings eat more. i mean, make up your mind you bi polar season.

8. Why do you have to make my legs itch at night?

9. why do you have to make sitting on any outdoor steel/iron thing torture? So much so you feel that your bum will freeze and fall off?

10. why do you have to make me view eeople frolicking around in snow having a good time when i am gonna get none of it? And then be so mean that you give me snw wala temperature but no snow?
Share the love equally will you winter?


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