The 5 songs i have been listening to a lot this week.

Ooh what a bad week. It was like a long stretched out teen movie with all the drama. And the icing on the cake? when i wrote this post yesterday to post it today word press did not save! So i am writing this post all over again. plus, yesterday i celebrated the 1 week birthday of the rebirth of my blog. Why rebirth? just because i had only written one post before and that too, a terrible one.

This week celebrated India, having had republic day on sunday. also, i fell in love with some songs again. check it out.

remember me telling you about republic day? this is one song that India resonates it with. Within this week i have heard it SO MANY TIMES i have lost count. Beautiful. Just Beautiful

This song and it’s album won FOUR FREAKING GRAMMYS. this warranted a re listen, actually today’s playlist includes a lot of re listened to songs. I’m actually quite into edm at the moment.

Im GETTING TIMBARRRRRRRRR!!!! (thats how i sing it) its a very peppy song and i want to learn to dance like these people, and get boots like these people oooh and sing like these people.

This song is again a re much peppyness.

this song is not a song, its a song of songs, get it! i think this whole 5 minute 40 second mashup integrates all my favorite songs.

And btw is re listen a term, idk must check it out

what was your favorite song this week?



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