For Tibet

There once was a nation,
strong and proud,
paradise on Earth,
Shangrila it was called.

Ruled by the Dalai Lama,
The people were free.
They had their identity,
their own country…

Then one day, they weren’t free,
Fled to the countries around
And so they stay to this day,
taking in a new identity
of a new nation state
Their leader,
a representative of their God,
having to move,
far away from his true home
maybe, never return.

One day may tibet be free
a proud nation
let it have its own pride, in its people
represented at the Olympics,
and where so ever it may desire.
one day, may Tibet be free


The Silver Lining.

Every dark cloud has a silver lining, that is something we all know. But, the question is, Where is the silver lining? Is it obvious, all shining and bright or hidden, under dirt and grime. Is this silver real, or is it fake .And, am i tall enough to catch thia cloud to get the silver lining. You may be wonderingnow is sitara a siver linings expert? nope. in life to get something you have to lose somethingm good thing in life are eiter in front of your face or hidden and you are either clueless or too stupid to realise it. friendships especially the fake ones, are like the fake silver in these linings they make you happy, get you excited, and when you finally see it you break your heart. I have had my share of friendships, some good, soe bad, and som which have left my heart scarred.
but then i have learnt.

my reason for writing this is find the silver lining, the real one. Everyone has one, it’s just hidden somewhere. even if your day does go wrong, there is always something which will go right. And that right shoud make your day. Be Optimistic.

The confused teenager.


Can maggi be really made in two minutes?

Welcome to what would be the STUPIDEST post in the ramblings of a confused teenager. Out of all the questions i have had in life there are some which have tried to find the answer of and ended up confused. One of them being can maggi be made in 2 minutes.

so well yesterday for the betterment of all humanity i tried to answer this question (not realy i just wanted to eat maggi) and put the water to boil added the maggi stired, stired a little bit more waiting for anything between (10-20) minutes and there i had the “do minute mein khushiyan dish” maggi. Was that 2 minutes? nah. however i may have just got my process wrong and ended up with the final product after anything between 8-18 mins. Maybe Rajnikanth can make maggi in two minutes? and also maybe chuck norris? but then maggi’s brand ambassador is  amitabh bachan!

maybe he can make maggi in two minutes?

also maybe i got the entire procedure wrong,  and i will of course for the betterment of society repeat the experiment again. who knows?

have ypu ever made magg in two minutes?

Of Romione and Hinny

Was it a happily ever after?
Was it a happily ever after?

Since time immemorial, stories have had one theme,the hero marries the heroine and lives happily ever after with everyone rejoicing true love. But now this trend has changed wuth the heroine getting the second or even third lead and vice versa. Hunger games, Harry Potter are great examples of this… and society especially the shipers livd happily ever after giving their own views in fanfictions, some of which i revere more than evrn the actual book.

But, what happens when te author, years after the book has been published,makes an Earth shattering statement which makes the readers reopen the book and go, “what if that had actuallhappened. What if tese two never had their happily ever after?

Till now, you may ave guessed Harry Potter and Ms. Rowlings earth shakimg statement that Ron and hermione were never meant to be and that it were to be harry and hermione, only that the readers wanted it.

I have been an avid shipper of Ron and Hermione, James and Lily (the older ones), Harry and Ginny, Dumbledore and Minerva Mcgonagal, Dumbledore and Slughorn, Younger Lily and Scorpius, Draco and Apple, Bellatrix and Voldermort to name a few. Some of them sadly did not com true but the others bow i wonder were they alwas right.

J.k. Why di you do this? Why do make us change our mind 360 degrees. I haven’t and may never be able to wound Harmione, for me it’s forever Hinny and Harmione, and they lived happily ever after.

Forever Confused.

Of love, and other fluff.

Reading my words, you may feel I am anti valentine down to it’s very essence, that i hate the day to the core, repulsed by the very sight of love, that I am one of those teenagers who hate love.

The fact is, I am not.

Love is something i do love. I have loved and been loved. Maybe not in the way society considers it, but in the way it has always been. I have loved my friends and family, kinda loved my books and music, loved… well loved life. And i have been loved, equally if not more in everyone trying time point of my life there ALWAYS has been someone to bail me out.

But, what love is normal? Just because i do not show my love to people it does not mean i do not love them. Love them i do, and i love them in my own little special way.

Has valentines day be spoilt? spoilt by the notion of money. Does love really show in teddybears, chocolate and what not. Does PDA really mean you love a person?

I am confused.

True love for me is that of my mum and dad. They are celebrating vday in two different states. and yet their love is obvious, so obvious that it makes me wanna puke. Their love is hilarious, and is not dictated by social customs. Their love is AWESOME!

Forever confused,

The reasons why aliens won’t visit us. Number 1- Crappy valentine day ads

Ah they are at it again, the chocolate, card, his-and-her crap monsters (read advertisers) why does the world have to put a red fluffy heart pillow,add couple of roses, yummy chocoate, and cards whoch were once poud standing trees giving us air and water and all those lovely imperative things and call it love and go all this feb 14 gie your loved one a card/ring/disco ball/teddy bear etc. whatever lets us make more money to show that you care ooh and also designate days before and after v day so that you can empty your pocket into our wallet even more, well you do have a “date” on Valentine’s. no one needs to even remember st. valentine, some dude who bought together people who wwre truly in love in troubled times. nah he aint cool!!

you know aliens, i think they are really nice and friendly dudes who love a good book and a cupboard full of good clothes also thy have the sollution to most of our problems. They want to drop in, they REALLY DO!! but, they are scared. Scared of this monstrosity we call life.

so welcome to my new series where aliens will be telling me to tell you why they don’t wanna visit earth.

i hope you like it.

aliens,come soon.

The deer park.

as i got up this morning,there were two very predominant thoughts in my mind. One, of my sst map exam ad the other of the school excursion n to the deer park.

And as i now sit, (or lie perhaps)i wonder, how could the things turned out so different. The day was like pani puri sweet and spicy at he same time.

I have been fortunate enough to be blessed with amazing friends, some close and some, not so close. Some friends who make me laugh like a donkey brays (true story) and spme who make me cry so much that in five minutes i would forever vanquish the water issue of new delhi. Some friends who can make that frown turn into a smile within seconds and some… well turn the frown into this big toothed grin that reminds me of that guy from the happy dent ad. There are some friends of mine who feed me, they know what i like, what i dislike and what i absolutely loathe, they know i am the one person who could be easily influrenced by a pack of reos. they sit in the sun even though they do have sun allergy, nowing that i am hungry dump an entire handful of those triangular shaped chips on my blazer so i can hog. some who buy me a rubik cube, and teach me how to solve it. some who help m in chemistry when i dont know the answer, some who console me and tell me no ones every worth crying upon. some who handle my craziness, my stupidness, my drunkenness (fake of course), my sugar rush ness all of it. these guys have an ear to listen and fist to punch ready.

So all those lovely dumwits i have mentioned here i love you. Youbguys are my gryffindor to my harry.

And roweena and kala, how can i thank you two enough. and also my geisha-pussy hybrid ashish. you guys are my golden quadrant . i lub yoy so muchh!!!!!

coming back to the story and to the deer park. be forewarned, thw only deer i saw there was this security dude who kept running around.