May Democracy win.

May Democracy win.

For those who are regular with the news, they would know about the on-going protests in Ukraine demanding closer integration with Europe and resignation of the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. These protests have in fact turned violent with about 9 people dying, thousands injured and many detained or sentenced.
Being a political sciences student and having witness the Egyptian revolution, Libyan revolution and closer to home the protest demanding justice for nirbhaya, the December 17th rape victim, I have the feeling that all is not wrong in the world. People are ready to stand up for all that is right and oppose all that is wrong.
Ukraine, Syria and any other country in the world my good wises are with you. May democracy win.
Note. The views expressed are of my own. Images have been taken from the internet.


2 thoughts on “May Democracy win.

  1. I definitely pray for freedom and peace in many of these countries however I think some of these revolutions have been hijacked and has greatly hindered or destroyed the possibility of democracy in these countries. The military coup in Egypt which has now caused thousands to have been killed and many arrests and total chaos in cities. Libya since the “successful” revolution is engulfed with violence between militias (including Al-Qaeda) and an unstable government. The president was even abducted from his suite in a hotel by Al-Qaeda members. Syria has so much foreign interference and has experienced so much destruction I see no hope for the country to achieve a free type of democratic country maybe it might become another version of Iraq that has “democracy” but is on the verge of civil sectarian war.

    There is so much more i can elaborate on but unfortunately time is against me. It is tragic that these innocent people in these countries have to suffer like this and I pray for the end of their suffering soon.

    1. I completely agree with your views, it is true that some of these reborn countries like libya and egypt haven’t been able to have had a stable government. Foreign involvement is itself a great cause of civil unrest and i being a citizen of the world’s biggest democracy, India, conpletely believe in the view that a denocracy is only useful when we have true leaders who can lead the country. Thankyou for lending your time and sharing your valuable views and yes i join you in praying for peace.

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