An Introduction (luckily not to algebra).

Considering my last post (so much detail… not!),  I would like to consider this post an introduction, an introduction to me.  As my blog URL and title say I am a wanderer both physically and mentally. Physically, being a fauji brat and living in 4 different states of the 15 (soon 16) years of my life and mentally, cause I am a dreamer. My brain can take me to the most amazing places at the weirdest times (maths class for example) and give me a view on everything from the current Syrian crises to whether gum boots are actually made of gum (of rubber actually).

So in short this blog is more like the ramblings of a confused teenager more than anything. I will be sharing with you my life, and what I learn from it (hopefully something)… the things I experience, want to experience and will experience… I could quote a million great people right now but the million great people were never me! So the views would be of someone else (kinda defeats the purpose).

To sum up I hope I update soon.

Till Then, Adios Amigos.



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