May Democracy win.

For those who are regular with the news, they would know about the on-going protests in Ukraine demanding closer integration with Europe and resignation of the Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych. These protests have in fact turned violent with about 9 people dying, thousands injured and many detained or sentenced.
Being a political sciences student and having witness the Egyptian revolution, Libyan revolution and closer to home the protest demanding justice for nirbhaya, the December 17th rape victim, I have the feeling that all is not wrong in the world. People are ready to stand up for all that is right and oppose all that is wrong.
Ukraine, Syria and any other country in the world my good wises are with you. May democracy win.
Note. The views expressed are of my own. Images have been taken from the internet.


“Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”



What is perfection? This is a question I have constantly asked myself. Is it the glossy pictures in magazines or the real life’s of their models? For a long time I was crazy, crazy over smooth silky straight hair… like I would cut off all my  hair for it. Having a sister with poker straight hair did not help either. So I did not like my hair, and let me tell you it isn’t bad, now that I think of it.

What our society lacks is the understanding of the fact that it’s perfect to be imperfect. So glossy haired tall and thin people are considered perfect while okay-okay haired, short and fat the likes are just not fit for perfection.

But then, perfection is temporary you may style your hair all you want but you are going to damage it, starve yourself all you want and you spoil your body and health, wear heels all you want and you will spoil your feet. In fact, the most common weapon people use to combat imperfection, cosmetics; it has a large amount of lead which will spoil your face.

So I am not saying go all natural, maintain a balance. As Marilyn Monroe said “Imperfection is beauty, madness is genius and it’s better to be absolutely ridiculous than absolutely boring.”Imperfection is perfection.

And about my hair…. I currently love my curly hair!!!




Now this is called advertising!

I’ve never been an ardent fan of advertising. Nah! i prefer skipping them and going to the next channel. But then, i was lucky to hit upon this ad, which bought tears and yet made me happy. This ad is by google and it just touches the heart. Long story short, two seperated friends meet with a little help from google.

there are a couple of more ads in this series and though it isn’t as powerful as the first, it does make for a good laugh.

Soo… what is your favorite ad?


My top 5 favorite songs/ songs I have been listening to this week.

I am of the view that I have ADD while listening to music, I can usually NEVER FINISH A SONG… but then there are some songs i listen to again and again here are my top 5 favorites….

Number 5

Maahi Ve (Highway) A.R. Rahman

This song just reminds me of the magic A. R. Rahman has. This songs has this mystic appeal to it and is a treat to the ears. Irshad Kamil has done an amazing job with the lyrics and this is a song I may never get tired of, infact,  im listening to this song right now.

Number 4

Royals – Lorde

When i first saw this song on the billboard charts i did not pay much attention to it. then i heard it and fell in love with it. Royals is a perfect tribute to the lives of pop stars and the ironic part is.. that lorde is a pop star itself now.

Number 3

Counting Stars- One Republic

This song is sooo gorgeous… Im having writers block over what to write about this song but yeah this song gets plenty of lay and i actually took the pains tolearn this song. So yeah at number 4 we have counting stars.

Number 2

Hey Brother- Avicii

In the top ten list of things i regret not going for avicii’s concert would stand at number 8. Avicii come back. The song and the video are beautiful and its lyrics have wonderful meaning. This is one song I can imagine making photo montages with.

Number 1

Wake me up- Avicii

At number 1 is wake me up by avicii. I particularly relate to this one. Also… the girl in the video is sooo pretty!!!

So what do you think?

Till next time.

New Blog Format!!!

Well… I am back. I mean I’m just a post or two old and already I am tweaking my blog. The story goes like this, i was theme window shopping and I see an owl!. Being the potterhead i am i go “chalo! atleast II’ll get hedwigs blessings”.  And there it is an owl’s theme for an uulu’s blog. 

you know theme shoping must be therepeautic, actually scratch that. If shopping is therepeautic, then theme shopping is too. I feel all light and happy like I bought a new pair of shoes.Also i am feeling very motherly towards this blog, like the motherlyness (no, that is not a word) i feel for my Pandas.

But that is a story for an other time. (t includes a item number sequence… yay!)




An Introduction (luckily not to algebra).

Considering my last post (so much detail… not!),  I would like to consider this post an introduction, an introduction to me.  As my blog URL and title say I am a wanderer both physically and mentally. Physically, being a fauji brat and living in 4 different states of the 15 (soon 16) years of my life and mentally, cause I am a dreamer. My brain can take me to the most amazing places at the weirdest times (maths class for example) and give me a view on everything from the current Syrian crises to whether gum boots are actually made of gum (of rubber actually).

So in short this blog is more like the ramblings of a confused teenager more than anything. I will be sharing with you my life, and what I learn from it (hopefully something)… the things I experience, want to experience and will experience… I could quote a million great people right now but the million great people were never me! So the views would be of someone else (kinda defeats the purpose).

To sum up I hope I update soon.

Till Then, Adios Amigos.